How to Beat Jet Lag in Tokyo

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Feeling jet lagged? Are you currently in Tokyo?

Why not pay a visit to ‘The Barber’?

The Barber – a men’s hair salon and spa located in Tokyo, is a place that “offers treatments tailor-made to help locals de-stress and travelers get over jet lag in a jiffy”, says James Dale of

It’s natural that many of Tokyo’s visitors will suffer from some kind of jet lag or tiredness (due to the inevitable long flights there and Japan’s drastically different time zone compared to most other first-world countries), so having a place where you can go to relax, unwind and groom yourself will no-doubt appeal to many modern businessmen.

As Celeste Hilling of the New York Times recently put it: “Men today say they feel they have to look better to be competitive”.

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So what exactly do they do at The Barber?

“The concept is men’s style and healing,” says The Barber’s Masamichi Nagai

As Dale puts it, “The metrosexuals, pansexuals and dandys among us helped spawn a multi-billion-dollar industry catering to needs some men never knew they had — manicures and pedicures, facial regimens and manscaping (removing hair from the chest, back and other regions)”.

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