Taking a Road Trip? Like to Eat Healthily? Check Out the ‘Eat Well Guide’

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Most of the time, eating healthy is a lot easier to do when you’re at home than when you’re on the road.

When you’re at home, you know where all the healthy food shops, markets and restaurants are, and you’re able to stock up as you have a refrigerator to keep all your food in.

When you’re on the road, however, finding a healthy place to eat at can be a real chore, and after a long day traveling the thought of grabbing a burger in the local McDonalds can be incredibly tempting (trust me, I’ve been there!)

One way to find healthy food while you’re traveling is to use the Eat Well Guide.

The Eat Well Guide (which works in conjunction with Google Maps) contains over 25,000 listings (from shops and cafes to farmer’s markets and restaurants), all of which provide healthy eating options.

Eat Well

By entering in your current location (and your destination should you have one), you’ll be presented with a list of healthy places to eat at (or to buy food from) along the way.

You can then select how far you’re willing to venture from your chosen route (e.g. 5 miles) in search of healthy food.

Finally, you can filter your list to include only the kinds of places you’re looking for (e.g. markets, restaurants, etc.)

Click here to check out the Eat Well Guide – Travel Map.

Such a thorough guide will no-doubt be useful to anyone looking to keep up their healthy eating habits whilst on the road!

How do you manage to find healthy food (and to eat healthy) when you’re traveling? Leave a comment below letting us know!

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