What Are the Best Walking Shoes for Men?

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Walking is a healthy activity that everybody should do a good amount of at least once a day.

According to TheWalkingSite.com, you should walk at least 10,000 steps every day in order to stay healthy.

Despite this, many people underestimate the importance of having a good pair of walking shoes, and it seems this is especially true for men.

Whether you believe it or not, walking shoes can help to prevent injury, stop blisters from occuring on your feet and even improve your posture. Basic knowledge about your foot can help determine the type of walking shoes appropriate for your feet. Here’s what you need to know.

Foot Arch

There are 3 types of arches. Knowing what kind you have determines what kind of sole and padding you should look for. The three kinds include:

  • Neutral-arched
  • Low-arched or flat footed
  • High-arched

If you’re not sure which ones you have, ask your doctor or a foot professional, or at the very least do a Google image search to compare your foot to others.


Shoe Qualities

Walking shoes have specific requirements that should be addressed to maximize your walking regimen, rather than having blisters and calluses at the end of the day. Here are some qualities you should look for in any pair of walking shoes.

  • Fit – Finding the perfect fit is essential. With your socks on, try the shoe on and get a feel for it by wiggling your toes and walking to and fro. If you can both wiggle your toes and walk without sliding your foot around, then it’s the right fit.
  • Comfort – Comfort comes right next to fit. Walking shoes shouldn’t be rigid or feel orthopedic. There are many shoes that are really comfortable for walking.
  • Flexible – Walking shoes should be flexible enough to help you if you decide to skip, hop or run. Your foot must not be constrained at all. It must move as one with your foot, with every stride you take. Of course, most new pairs of shoes will be a little stiff at first, so take this into account when shopping.
  • Lightweight – It is also important that the shoe is lightweight. Avoid shoes that are heavy and seem to be dragging your foot as you walk. Heavy shoes will just add to exhaustion and could even distract you or those around you. You never want to feel like you have a heavy stride, and shoes are an important factor in this equation.
  • Durable – The final thing you want look for in a pair of walking shoes is durability. Sorry to say it, but skimping on money will usually yield less durability. If you don’t think the shoes will look and feel great after a couple of months, then get a different pair.

Shoe Features

The features of your shoe should match the activity you’re undertaking. Here’s what you should look out for.

  • Roll bars – This feature is essential for the foot to stay relaxed with every stride. The ball and sole of the foot are protected with every motion you take.
  • Sole padding – Sole padding is very important to absorb the impact created with every step. Some shoes even have a gel padding feature integrated into their design to maximize comfort.
  • Cushion – Always ask about the cushion, because there might be more than one name for it. There should be cushion in the Achilles notch and ankle collar, because this can help in making walking MUCH more comfortable, especially if you’re walking long distances.
  • Outer sole grip – Outer sole grip is an important feature to have. It will help you avoid slipping or sliding on tough terrain, which may result in injury.

If dogs are man’s best friend, shoes may be the second best. With so many men into health programs nowadays, it is very important to choose the right pair of shoes. Think about it – you’re taking literally hundreds of strides a day in them. Don’t you want to take care of your feet in these huge tasks? Walking, trekking and hiking are exciting activities with the right pair of shoes, but they can also be nightmares without them. So, shop smart and get a movin!

This guest post was written by Nancy Baker. Nancy writes about fashion, finance & frequenting websites like www.backgroundcheck.org.

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