Multigenerational Volunteering Programs – Kids, Parents, and Grandparents United

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What’s a fun activity for kids, parents and grandparents to all do together?

Fishing? Playing cards? How about volunteering abroad?

Volunteering abroad (or ‘Voluntouring’ as it’s sometimes known) is often thought of as something reserved only for those on gap years or for eco-warriors.

Anni of states multigenerational volunteering (which is not just about sharing volunteering with our children, but with older generations too) is something worth considering.

Anni argues that that voluntouring as a family (with grandparent, parent and child) can have a positive effect on the relationships and the typical family hierarchies: “sometimes challenging the dynamic is a good thing. It sets each family member apart as an individual.”

Anni continues: “Working on a community-building project, for example, provides each person with a task, and each task matters. The family members work individually but they are all contributing to an overarching project, they are all parts of the whole. These types of voluntours teach kids responsibility while teaching parents not to underestimate the capabilities of their children.”

Tahoe National Forest

This kind of work is also massively beneficial to grandparents: “Grandparents can see their own children working hard, and their grandchildren growing up. They feel strong and included and valued. And they are challenged to keep up.”

One organization that offers multigenerational voluntours is the Sierra Club.

The majority of their trips take place in the Western United States, mostly in places such as the the Tahoe National Forest or Yosemite National Park.

Their projects in these areas are mostly built around trail building and sustaining the area, and offer plenty of recreation time for activities such as swimming, hiking and visiting the local landmarks.

Although the benefits can’t be doubted, whether multigenerational voluntouring will really take off or not is another matter.

Sometimes organizing a trip abroad can be difficult for one person, let alone getting 3 generations all together at once.

Have you taken part in a multigenerational volunteering program? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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