World Travel & Tourism Council Urges Countries to Simplify their Visa Programs to Increase Tourism

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Getting visas for certain countries can be a real pain.

Some countries will charge you over $100 for the ‘privilege’ of getting a visa for their country, and some will make you wait several weeks while they process your application (which can really slow you down if you’re in the middle of a trip).

It seems that changing these processes could have a massive beneficial effect to worldwide tourism, as one writer of reports: “The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has announced that they believe easier visa processes are important and integral to stimulating economic growth and job creation throughout the tourism industry.”

David Scowsill (president of WTTC) spoke out: “Encouraging freedom to travel is a simple step that governments around the world can take to encourage more travellers and the creation of millions of new jobs and billions of dollars of GDP – without compromising national security.”


The WTTC recently conducted research into the effects of additional tourism, and found that easier visa processes “could boost tourism numbers by an additional 122 million, generating an extra USD$206 billion in tourism exports and creating over five million additional jobs by 2015.”

Pretty impressive figures!

In the words of Scowsill: “For the first time, this report makes clear the extent of the opportunity – it cannot be ignored.”


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