How to Travel Plastic-Free (and Why You Should Try Doing it)

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As people become more and more aware of the damage we’re doing to the world through using (and not reusing) plastic items, the inevitable question that most environmentally aware travelers will ask is “what can I do to become more eco-friendly as I travel?”

Jessica Festa of attempts to answer this question:

“There are many animals that die everyday from accidentally ingesting plastic, like camels, turtles, elephants, birds, whales and many more. The problem is that instead of biodegrading, plastic simply degrades without changing its structure.”

“What’s also scary is that sometimes these fragmented pieces of plastic are so tiny, we can’t see them with the naked eye – although they can still be harmful. In humans, plastics have been found to lead to cancers and other health problems over time.”

Plastic bottleThe people behind the website Plastic is Rubbish website also have this to say:

“Plastic lasts forever and we are using it to make one use, throwaway items. We have created everlasting rubbish and plastic pollution is increasing exponentially. It is destroying the landscape, killing wildlife, poisoning the seas, and may well be poisoning us.”

Pretty scary stuff! What can we do to prevent this?

Jessica advises that we avoid using plastic carrier bags (in favor of re-usable bags instead) and that we carry a travel mug (which can be refilled) instead of constantly buying plastic water bottles.

Also, if you like to document your trip/write a travel diary, doing so on a laptop computer can “eliminate plastic pens, paper and constant waste completely.”

If you absolutely must keep a journal the ‘old fashioned way’, make sure to use biodegradable pens and notebooks made of recycled paper.

Do you have any tips for traveling plastic-free? Leave a comment below!


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