3 Britons Travel Round the World in a Black Cab

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“Where to sir…?”

Three Britons (all in their twenties) recently completed a record-breaking trip around the world in a black taxicab.

Paul Archer (25), Leigh Purnell (24) and Johno Ellison (28) traveled over 43,000 miles (69,000 km), driving across 50 different countries on four continents and racking up £80,000 ($128,000) on the meter.

The trio (who met at university) bought the taxi for £1,300 from Ebay and decided to undertake the trip to raise money for charity.

Their original journey saw them driving from London to Sydney, where they ended up raising £20,000 for the Red Cross charity.

At this point they were sponsored by the ‘Get Taxi’ app, and decided to expand their journey into a round-the-world affair.


Their efforts saw them break two world records: Firstly the record for the ‘longest cab ride ever’, and secondly for the ‘highest taxi journey’ (as they traveled up to the Mount Everest base camp.

Surely they also broke the record for ‘most expensive cab journey ever’ as well?

Watch their incredible video below:

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