Taking a Trip on Your Motorcycle? Here’s What Gear You Need to Take (Depending on Your Trip)

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There are a lot of factors that determine what gear you should take with you when taking a trip on your motorcycle.

For example, the length of your trip (whether it’s a one-day, multi-day or multi-week trip), whether you’re planning on camping or not and where you’re planning on riding across are all major factors that should influence your packing decisions (i.e. what gear you decide to take).

Every motorcycle trip is different, which means there is no ‘one size fits all’ packing checklist.

TheThinkBox.Ca recently publish a highly detailed post about just this, where they go into detail about what items you should bring with you depending on the type of trip you’re taking.

Motorcycle trip

Curtis (the post’s author and motorcycle enthusiast) talks about:

  • Protective riding gear (what you need).
  • What items you should take on a day trip.
  • What items you should take on a trip that lasts multiple days.
  • What items you should take on a trip that lasts a week (or longer).
  • What to take when traveling to remote areas.
  • What to take if you’re going camping (including what storage gear you’ll need).

To read the full post, click here.

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