‘World’s Oldest Backpacker’ (Aged 95) On the Road Again

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Ever heard someone say “I’m too old to go traveling”?

Keith Wright, an Australian from Queensland doesn’t play by these rules.

On May 28th 2012, Keith will fly to Europe for his eighth backpacking trip in the last 10 years at the age of 95 years old (or 95 years young as he’d probably prefer you to say!).

After his wife passed away 10 years ago, Keith decided to start traveling, and has since visited 109 cities in 23 different countries.

Mr Wright’s first trip was to Turkey, and since then he’s visited most countries in Eastern and Western Europe, staying in hostels and mixing with the youthful backpacking crowd.

How do 19 year old gap year backpackers react to meeting Keith in a hostel? “Most people I meet are surprised when I tell them my age and amazed that I have come all the way from Australia.”

Keith Wright

Clearly, despite his age Keith has a taste for adventure: “I have seen things that most tourists haven’t seen, because I walk the back streets and take trains or buses to nearby towns for the day.”

How long does Keith plan to carry on traveling for? “As long as possible”, although he says his legs are beginning to feel “a bit wonky”.

What do you make of Keith’s amazing story? Would you still like to be backpacking at age 95? Leave a comment below!

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