Nantucket Named ‘Best Island in the World’ by National Geographic

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National Geographic recently published a book titled ‘The 10 Best of Everything‘ in which they attempted to document the 10 best cities, islands, pubs, wines, golf courses (and so on) in the world.

Top of the list in the ‘best island’ category was Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Wait… Nantucket?

What about Hawaii or the Bahamas? Not even on the list.

Travel writer Leslie Thomas (who came up with the list) explains here decision for choosing Nantucket:

“Nantucket was once one of the richest places in America, built on the profits of the whale oil industry. Even today in the delectable old town there are fine brick houses with silver mailboxes.

NantucketOld-time sailors used to call Nantucket “The Little Grey Lady of the Sea.” On the misty morning I first arrived there, I could understand why.

A woman was riding a horse along the beach to the utter delight of her family aboard my ferry, and she bore a banner that said “Crazy Aunt Rides Again.” It is a unique place.”

Sounds like quite a place!

To find out the ’10 Best’ of everything else (such as steak houses and wines), click here.

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