How to Choose a Travel Agency

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This guest post was written by Michelle Tomlin, who writes about travel and saving money at

Finally taking that long awaited holiday you’ve needed in order to unwind and relax?

Doing all the research and booking by yourself can be a difficult, stressful task, so why not let a travel agency do the ground work for you and let the holiday begin from the moment you decide to go on vacation?

Here are some tips to help you choose a travel agency:

1. Preparation

In order for a travel agency to be able to help you properly, you should be able to list the following:

  • The number of days that can be spent on a holiday and the tentative dates of travel
  • The number of people traveling with you and their ages
  • Your budget and (how much leeway you have)

A good travel agent will be more than happy to assist in identifying the right location, depending on the type of holiday you want. A good travel agency also will not only offer the best price, but also offer solutions for your travel need.

Depending on the chosen time of travel and the age group, the travel agency can advise various locations within or outside the country that would be appropriate.

2. What to Look For in a Travel Agency

With so many travel agencies all over the world, and the internet now making the world a much smaller place, deciding upon which travel agency to use can be very confusing.

You should therefore look for the following when searching for a reliable travel agency:

  • Must be a member of a recognized body of travel agents
  • Must be able to answer any queries within twenty-four hours
  • Must be clear about the service charges and fees they will be charging
  • Must confirm all bookings in writing (and not just a verbal confirmation)
  • Must clarify all cancellation and refund policy before the final confirmation is done
  • Must provide references of people who have traveled with them who can be contacted

Also, a good travel agency will provide confidence that in case of any emergency a local contact person will be there to assist you. That local person’s name and number should be given to any persons traveling along with the booking, and they should be available 24/7.

With the right travel agency, booking a holiday can be made extremely easy!

Michelle Tomlin writes about travel and saving money at

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