Where to Sleep Beneath the Stars

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There are few things better than spending a night underneath the stars, witnessing the twinkly Gods as they look down on us from above.

With so much light pollution these days, just seeing the stars in the sky can sometimes be a difficulty, let alone sleeping underneath them.

The people at STA Travel combined their experience of world travel and have come up with a list of 14 awesome places to sleep beneath the stars.

Among the top places in their list are Fraser Island in Australia, San Ignazio in Belize and the Sinai Peninsula in Egpyt.

Although some of the places on the list are a little out of the way for most people (who’s really going to travel to the Arctic Circle just to see the stars?), it seems that the best places to get a good view of the heavens above is out in the wilderness, away from the big cities.

Sleeping beneath the stars

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