Hiring an In-Flight Nanny for Your Kids

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There’s no doubt that flying with children poses many challenges. Any parent will tell you that.

But what if you could hire a nanny to entertain your kids at 30,000 feet? Now there’s an idea…

Nanny in the Clouds, a service set up in order to help parents find in-flight babysitters, launched in November 2011 and is the brainchild of Julie Melnick.

So how does it work? Genevieve Shaw Brown of ABCNews.com reports:

“The concept is simple: Parents plug in their flight details on the Nanny in the Clouds website to see if there’s a nanny registered for the same flight. Nanny in the Clouds charges the parents $10 for the match, releases the nanny’s contact information, and then lets the nanny and parents take it from there.”

Once you’ve found a nanny, Melnick recommends that you screen them just like you would with any other babysitter. This means checking their references (which can be found on the site), talking to them on the phone, and asking them exactly how they will keep your kids entertained during the flight.

In flight nanny

It seems the service was designed with single parents traveling with multiple children in mind, as Melnick first thought up the idea for the site when traveling alone with her 2-year-old son. Melnick recalls that she asked an airline employee for help, but was told in no uncertain terms that “her belongings were her own responsibility.”

The problem with any service like this is gaining the required amount of nannies and parents to make it work.

Brown reveals that she had some problems with this service: “I searched for a nanny on both my outbound and inbound flights with no luck. The site will send an email if and when a nanny does register for my flight, but with only two weeks to go, I’m not optimistic.”

Of course, with the site being so new these things are to be expected. Melnick has recently said Nanny in the Clouds will soon be able to allow parents to search for flights over a wide range of dates, so that they can pair their flights up with a registered nanny.

Source: ABCNews.com

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