How a Couple Sold Everything to Travel the World for 5 Years

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Recently I stumbled across a pretty inspiring story (on of a couple who sold it all in order to spend five years traveling the world.

So who are they? In their own worlds Betsy and Warren Talbot are “a recovering, 40-year-old, Type-A couple who learned that living large is not necessarily living well. We did all the typical things people do in their 20s and 30s: climb the corporate ladder, get married, buy a house, get divorced, climb the ladder some more, get married again, accumulate more crap, and keep repeating the process like hamsters on a wheel.”

SafariAfter the sudden death of her brother followed by a good friend suffering a brain aneurysm, Betsy and her husband decided they needed to re-evaluate their lives and started by asking themselves the question:

“If we knew we wouldn’t make it to our 40th birthdays, what would we do differently right now?”

In their story, as well as describing just how they pulled this amazing feat off they also talk about what they missed during their ‘old’ lives while traveling and whether it was worth the effort.

To read the story for yourself, click here.

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