The Best Seat on an Airplane Revealed

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A new survey compiled by travel website SkyScanner claims to have located the perfect seat to sit in when traveling on a typical airplane.

Hannah Pini of The Telegraph reports:

“The study, which was carried out by the flight comparison website Skyscanner suggested that passengers prefer a window seat towards the front of the plane.

More than 1,000 airline passengers were questioned on which section they preferred to sit in and whether they opted for a window, middle or aisle seat.”


After looking through the answers given in the survey, SkyScanner concluded that the best seat to sit in on a typical passenger aircraft is 6A. Pini continues:

“The finding supports previous studies that have suggested the front six rows are the most popular for ease of getting off the plane, reduced engine noise and a better selection of food. Nearly half of those surveyed agreed this was the optimum section of an aircraft.”

As you would expect, a whopping 99% of participants in the survey stated that they would prefer either a window or aisle seat over a middle seat.

While 6A was deemed the most desirable seat, 31E (a middle seat towards the back of the plane) was deemed the least desirable.


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