How to Get a Bargain Hotel Room

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Ever wanted to stay in first-rate hotel rooms but not wanted to pay the extortionate prices they charge?

Martin Lewis of has come up with a great way to do just that.

In his video (embedded below) he showed how he was able to save over £1000 off the price of a hotel room using one simple trick.

A lot of hotels advertise their unused hotel rooms for knock-down prices on websites (such as and and list them as ‘secret rooms’, meaning you can see what star rating the hotel is and you can read a description of it, but you can’t see the name of the hotel until you’ve actually booked it.

They do this because they need to get rid of their unused hotel rooms but they don’t want to advertise them so cheaply through the normal mediums for fear of (as Martin Lewis puts it) “cannibalising their usual customer base”.

Hotel signEssentially, if you see they’re advertising one room for £300, there’s no way you’re going to pay £1,300 for the same room.

This is why they need to keep these cheap rooms a secret, and not tell you what hotel they’re from until you’ve actually booked them.

The problem with this is, the hotel might sound great in the description, but if you don’t know what hotel you’re booking with, you won’t know whether the deal is really worth it or not.

Lewis has the solution to this problem: “There’s a SNEAKY way to work out what the hotel really is and whether it’s worth it. Simply copy and paste all or part of the hotel description into Google. Often, it just uses the hotels standard description text that also appears on its website.”

Lewis continues: “Once you’ve pieced together the hotel’s identity, use comparison sites such as Trivago and TravelSupermarket to ensure it’s a bargain.”’s Secret Rooms page can be found by clicking here.

Here is the video:

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