10 Types of Traveler You Might Meet When Traveling the World

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As you travel the world, you’re bound to meet all kinds of weird and wonderful people from all walks of life.

That being said, there are some common stereotypes that you’ll run into over and over again (especially if you spend a lot of time in hostels).

Do you recognize any of these kinds of people from your travels? Or maybe you’re one of these yourself?

The Gapper

The gapper is someone (usually from the USA, the UK, Australia or New Zealand) who is taking a gap year usually before or after university/college. Most gappers tend to buy a round-the-world ticket and travel a predictable (although highly enjoyable) round-the-world route (making sure to spend a good deal of time in South-East Asia and Australia). Although most gappers haven’t traveled before, they enthusiasm and willingness to try new things and experience the world is admirable.

The Hippie

HippyThe hippie is always talking about being held back by ‘The Man’ and also ends every sentence with the word “man”.

Usually found with long hair or dreadlocks and wearing fisherman pants, the hippie isn’t overly bothered with rules or personal hygiene.

The hippie tends to stay away from major tourist areas (because “it’s too commercial, man”) and prefers to stick to the less-traveled paths of the countryside. Just don’t harsh his mellow, man!

The Party Animal

The party-holic can often be found wearing shorts, flip-flops and sunglasses with a beer in hand. Their idea of traveling the world is to get drunk in as many countries as possible. In the daytime they can often be found sleeping off a hangover or lying low until the night-time.

The party animal traveler tends to head for cities/places where there are always lots of parties going on (such as Koh Phangan, Bali, Amsterdam, Prague and Los Angeles).

The Reminiscer

The Reminiscer has more than likely been traveling for a while and has seen how destinations have changed over time. They’re constantly living in the past and talking about how places “used to be so much better”. They’ll tell you how they were at the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan before it got popular or how they were at Byron Bay in Australia before it got ruined by tourists.

Despite this, Reminiscer likes to hang around the very places he/she say have been ruined, aiming to depress everyone who comes within contact.

The Planner

The planner knows that they only have a limited time to travel, so they want to see and do as much in the time they have. Because of this, the planner spends endless hours planning every detail of their trip before setting off so that they don’t miss out on anything.

The planner’s best friend is their Lonely Planet guidebook – which they can quote almost word for word. The planner got straight A’s in school, and seems to know more about the local area than most of the locals. The planner tries to avoid spontaneity and quickly becomes annoyed and frustrated if the schedule is broken.

The Trust Fund Kid

Thanks to mummy and daddy’s wealth, the trust fund kid/rich kid has it all and traveling the world is just another thing to tick off the list. Although the trust fund kid likes to stay in hostels, money is no problem to them and they demand only the best.

The trust fund kid can make a lot of other travelers angry and jealous by unintentionally (or intentionally) rubbing their wealth in other people’s faces, and they usually end up feeling like outcasts (until they can find other rich kids to hang out with).

The Adopted Local

This is someone who’s spent an extended period of time (usually at least a month) in one place and now knows the local area inside out. They have probably befriended a few of the locals, and they may be working part-time at the hostel they’re staying at (as they’re spending so much time there anyway).

They’re constantly seeing new travelers move in and out of ‘their area’, and are more than happy to direct them to all the best bars, clubs and restaurants.

The Flashpacker

A new breed of traveler (see What is Flashpacking for more information), the flashpacker embraces mobile technology and tries to travel as lightweight as possible. Usually in their late 20’s to early 30’s, flashpackers can afford to take all the latest gadgets traveling with them and don’t mind spending a bit of extra money on a nicer hotel room or a fancier dinner.

The Couple

The backpacking couple are easy to spot. They do everything together (from sightseeing to eating breakfast) and they can be found all over the world. Depending on their age and interests, the couple can also be any of the stereotypes listed above (e.g. hippy, planner, gapper).

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    Let’s not for get the the Go it A’Loner: one who travels the globe alone seeking out adventures via couch surfing and group dorms meeting other loners and evoving into huge packs of like minded loners.Im a qualified Loner but somehow never end up alone :]