TripAdvisor to Prioritize Your Friends’ Reviews Over Others

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Popular travel review site TripAdvisor has taken its reviews a step further by displaying your friends’ reviews of a place above reviews of strangers (as the theory is that you and your friends will like the same kinds of things, and that you can trust your friend’s opinion more than that of a complete stranger).

Reviews of hotels, restaurants and popular attractions submitted by your friends on Facebook will now appear on the first page, followed by reviews written by friends of friends.

You’ll still be able to use TripAdvisor like normal (should you wish), but you now have the added option of seeing your friends’ reviews (by signing in with Facebook).

Being able to get instant recommendations from your friends is a massive bonus, but what if you’re planning a trip somewhere and you don’t know anyone who’s been there?

In cases such as these, you can also see reviews from friends of your friends, thereby extending the social network (and the number of people within it).

This should work extremely well (in theory), as it’ll multiply the number of people you can get trusted reviews from. For example, let’s say you have 100 friends on your Facebook account, and each of your friends also has another 100 Facebook friends.

While none of your 100 friends might not have gone to a place, if you take your friends’ friends into account you now have 10,000 people to pool from, meaning there’s a high chance at least one of them will have been to the place you’re planning a trip to.

These feature are now active, and can be accessed by clicking “Sign in with Facebook” on TripAdvisor.

This quick video should give you an insight into how it works:

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