How to Pack a Surfboard for Air Travel

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In a recent post I outlined the best airlines for those traveling with a surfboard.

Let’s say you’ve found (and booked your flight with) and airline that’ll allow you to bring your surfboard on the plane (and won’t charge you a fortune for the privilege), now you need to know how to properly pack your surfboard for travel, so that it won’t get destroyed during the journey.

Damaged surfboards and broken fins are an all too common sight after a long plane journey (due to improper packing).

The people over at have come up with a detailed guide on how to pack your surfboard for travel.

Their guide consists of 8 simple steps:

  1. Get yourself a heavy-duty board bag (that’s 6 inches longer than your board (to provide cushoining)).
  2. Remove the fins from your surfboard.
  3. Remove the old surfwax from your board (to prevent it melting onto your surfboard during the flight).
  4. Get some foam insulation piping, cut it to size and attach it down the rails of your board (holding it in place using Duct Tape and shrink wrapping).
  5. Provide additional protection to the nose and the tail (i.e. the areas most prone to dings). This can be done by covering these areas with bubblewrap or towels (or anything else that’s soft that will provide padding).
  6. Put your surfboard inside a bubblewrap bag (for added protection).
  7. Place your (now protected) surfboard inside your board bag (the one from step 1).
  8. Write “Fragile” on your board bag in paint or marker pen to let the baggage handlers know to treat it with care.

How to Pack a Surfboard for Air Travel

Although this sounds like a lot of work just to carry a surfboard from one place to another and skipping some of these steps might sound tempting, you’ll regret not properly protecting your surfboard if you arrive at your destination only to find it severely damaged.

For the full guide (with detailed descriptions) on how to pack your surfboard for travel, click here.

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