The Best Airlines When Traveling With a Surfboard

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Airline baggage fees are annoying. We all know this.

But it seems as though some people are affected more severely than others.

Most people complain when they get charged to take an extra rucksack on a flight, but you know who really gets affected by baggage fees? Surfers.

A surfboard is just about the most awkwardly shaped item, and when it comes to getting one of an plane they can be a real hassle.

Most people, if they really needed to, could leave behind a few extra items and avoid having to pay extra baggage fees. Surfers can’t do this (if they’re planning to go surfing, at least).

Sure, you could always rent a surfboard when you arrive, but what if you’re going to a place where there is no rental shop, or what if you entering a surf competition and you absolutely need your own surfboard?

To make the most of a bad situation, it’s essential for any surfers that plan on flying to book their flights with the right airline.


The people over at have come up with a list of the best (and worst) airlines for flying with a surfboard.

The difference between some airlines is staggering.

Some airlines (Qantas and British Airways among others) will allow you to bring your surfboard on the plane for free. Some (Cathay Pacific) will charge you $600 for the privilege and some (Delta and United Airlines) won’t even allow you to take your surfboard on the plane at all.

In summary, here’s a list of which airlines are the best for surfers and which should be avoided (along with how much it’ll cost you to take your surfboard on the plane):

The Best

  • Aer Lingus (Free)
  • Air Emirates (Free)
  • Air France (Free)
  • Air New Zealand (Free)
  • Air Tahiti Nui (Free)
  • British Airways (Free)
  • Interjet (Mexico) (Free)
  • Lan (Free)
  • Malaysian (Free)
  • Qantas (Free)
  • Singapore (Free)
  • South African Airlines
  • SriLankan Airlines (Free)
  • Virgin Atlantic (Free)

The Worst

  • American Airlines ($150)
  • Cathay Pacific ($600)
  • China Air ($150+)
  • Delta ($150) (Only at certain times of year)
  • Iberia ($150)
  • Japan Airlines ($150)
  • Lufthansa ($100-$200)
  • United Airlines ($100-200) (Only at certain times of year)
  • US Airways ($200)


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  • bagus

    Or you can go to www; before you flight and book the board yu need in advance…Another option.

    • Nick Smith

      That certainly is another good option. The only problem with that is some surfers (e.g. those who compete in tournaments) like to use their own surfboards.