Using MySeatFinder to Automatically Upgrade Your Airline Seat

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Flying has many benefits.

It lets you get where you need to go in a short period of time (compared to driving, sailing or any other mode of transport).

Unfortunately, for those of us not rich enough to splash out on first-class plane tickets, flying in economy/coach isn’t always a great experience.

But what if there was a way to improve this experience?

MySeatFinder is an online tool that uses airline seating maps along with your seating preferences (for example, you might prefer an aisle seat or a window seat) to automatically upgrade your seat to the best position possible.

Steve Gordon (co-founder of MySeatFinder) says that his service works by searching through the airline’s seat maps of and finding the best seat that’s currently available. Users define their own ‘best seat’ (based on certain criteria) upon signing up, so the system automatically knows what to look for.

Airplane seats

Once MySeatFinder knows what your upcoming flights are, it’ll work in the background, constantly monitoring flight reservations (every four hours) to see if a more preferable seat has opened up. If it finds that one has, it’ll automatically change your seat reservation and send you an email letting you know.

MySeatFinder currently supports American Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest, Delta, and US Airways flights.

As Steve says “It’s a set and forget tool and it works”.

The service is free for your first eight flights (or for four round trips). A premium option (for unlimited flights) is also available and costs $29 per year.

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