How to Pack a Wrinkle-Free Suitcase

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The problem with packing all your clothes in a bag or suitcase when going on a journey is that they’ll often come out wrinkled at the other end.

The people over at The Art of Manliness have created a definitive guide for packing a bag for travel, and in this they cover how to pack a wrinkle-free suitcase.

The key, it seems, is all in the way you fold your clothes, and they outline the ‘alternate folding method’:

“One way to avoid creases in clothing is by placing one garment between the folds of another garment. By placing another garment between the folds, you can prevent a crease from forming.”

The aim is to fold the clothes that are more likely to wrinkle around those that are less likely to wrinkle, thereby reducing the angle they’re folded at (and the likelihood they’ll crease).

For a full tutorial (with step-by-step photos), click here.

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