How to Make a Single-Can Backpacking Stove

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Ever wanted to make your own stove?

Avid DIYer Charlie Nourse (from has come up with a way to make a single-can backpacking stove for next to nothing.

Such a stove can be used when out camping (to cook food or boil water with), or can be saved for times of emergency

Nourse decided that the price of the average backpacking stove was too high, so he decided to make his own.

To make a single-can stove, all you’ll need is a soda can (obviously), a sharp knife, a pair of needle-nose pliers and some rubbing alcohol.

Easy-Single-Can-Backpacking-StoveWhile you can use whatever kind of fuel you like, Nourse has tested several different types and says that 70% Isopropyl alcohol works the best.

For a full list of instructions, click here.

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