The Unique Attractions of Réunion Island

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Réunion Island, one of the main islands of the Indian Ocean, is becoming a very popular travel destination for tourists looking for exotic or off-beat destinations.

While the other infamous islands such as Maldives and the Seychelles continue to be praised due to their sheer uniqueness, common travelers are however often unable to visit these due to how expensive they are.

Due to the fact that most thrill seekers cannot easily afford these expensive destinations, the island of Réunion is thus becoming an almost automatic choice for many travelers who wish to spend some time in one of the famous Indian Ocean islands.

However, travelers are not choosing Réunion only because of economic reasons. As a matter of fact, Réunion Island actually has the most unique tourist attractions out of all the Indian Ocean islands.

This article lists those spectacular attractions that you must absolutely check out.

Cirque de Mafate - La Reunion

The Peak of the Furnace volcano

A volcano may, at first glance, not seem like a unique attraction, but the Peak of the Furnace is no mere volcano as it is considered among the most active volcanoes in the world.

It last erupted in December 2010 and is therefore closely monitored by authorities since the island is so small. This volcano is also a huge of park of the cultural folklore of Réunion and obviously a national pride as the island was created by volcanoes.

The Peak of the Furnace is called the Piton de la Fournaise in both French and Créole, the two languages spoken in Réunion. It is quite obviously the single most popular attraction of the island.

There are various ways of checking it out including a trail that leads up to the volcano. Helicopter rides are also becoming increasingly popular as travelers can get stunning overhead photographs of the volcano and the huge forests around it.

The Snow Peak

The Snow Peak, which is officially called the Piton des Neiges in Réunion, is another volcano but this one has been dormant for more than 20,000 years and it is highly unlikely that it will ever wake up again.

While the fact that it is just another dormant volcano may not speak much of its uniqueness, the Snow Peak is famous for being the single highest point of the Indian Ocean and is the only snow-capped place in an otherwise completely exotic region (hence its name).

In addition to being the Indian Ocean’s highest point, the Snow Peak is also a must-see for the valleys around it. These valleys, which are called the Cirques, offer amazing views of the north-west coast of the island.

The Rivière des Remparts

The Rivière des Remparts is a river which is sets amidst the lush vegetations that make up the central part of Réunion Island. The river’s source itself is at the Peak of the Furnace, which makes it hard to miss, and it flows to the west of Réunion where it eventually spills into the ocean.

While the mere sight of the river running through these huge forests is in itself impressive, the Rivière des Remparts is most famous for the huge cliffs it goes through. These cliffs, which are more than 3000 feet long, offer an exciting viewpoint of a huge canyon with the Peak of the Furnace in the background.

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