The Top 5 Travel Apps for Android Phones

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These days, when people talk about “travel apps”, they’re often talking about those made for Apple products (such as the iPhone and iPad).

But what about those with Android phones?

There’s a great selection of travel apps out there made for Android phones that can make your experience a lot easier

Let’s take a look at the top 5 travel apps for Android phones:


To many travelers, Kayak is a website that needs no introduction. It’s championed by many as being the best flight comparison on the internet, and the first place you should look when booking a flight (for now, at least).

Kayak now have an Android app that allows you to find the cheapest prices on flights and hotels when you’re on the go.


AndroidBy itself, the TripIt app doesn’t appear to do a whole lot, and seems pretty underwhelming.

TripIt really comes into life once you’ve booked your trip and you forward your flight, hotel and rental car confirmation emails to TripIt (or let TripIt automatically search through your Gmail account and find the revelent emails itself).

Upon doing so, the TripIt app allows you to keep your entire trip organized and have all the relevant information in one place.

Need to find if your flight has been delayed? Want to check what the weather is like where you’re going? Want to know how far away you are from the hotel? TripIt can tell you these important things all at the touch of a button.


Google placesPlaces is an app that allows you to use data from Google Maps to help you find hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee shops nearby to you,

The places app has many default categories (such as ‘restaurants’, ‘hotels’, etc.) that you can use to find what you’re looking for, or you can create your own categories yourself. This is great if you want to find a specific brand of something within a category.

For example, you might want to find the nearest Pizza Hut restaurant (instead of simply searching for all restaurants).


If you plan to make phone calls from abroad (and don’t want to pay premium rates), getting the Skype app enables you to make phone calls for FREE to other Skype users (via the internet).

Skype also allows you to call landlines and cell phones back home for a much cheaper rate than you’d be charged if you were calling via your cell phone normally.

So what’s the downside of Skype? You need to be connected to the internet to use it. This isn’t much of a downside, however, as it’s fairly easy to find WiFi that you can connect to in most places.

Google Goggles

Google GogglesEver needed to use the toilet while on holiday abroad, and not been sure whether the street sign was pointing you in the direction of a restroom or a swimming pool?

Ever gone into a fancy Italian restaurant and not had a clue what any of the items on the menu were (because you don’t speak Italian)?

Google Goggles allows you to take pictures on your phone, and then translate the foreign text (from within the picture) into English.

Here is a demonstration of Google Goggles in action.

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  • Sadie Heldberg

    I am in total agreement that the droid is not getting the credit deserved mine is a great travel companion especially on my business trips. With the help of apps like kayak and tripit, I can feel at ease every time Dish asks me to fly to some faraway city for business. Airports are a perfect place to chill out with dish remote access that I keep on my droid tablet since it gives me access to all my programming and content on my DVR. The droid technology makes for a fantastic travel buddy I would not travel without.