How to Make Your Own Waterproof Matches

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The ability to create a fire is a skill that every true camper should have, but this can be made many times harder if your matches get wet.

Because of this, waterproof matches can be invaluable during outdoor adventures, as you won’t have to worry about them getting wet and not lighting.

While you can buy waterproof matches from the store, it’s not too difficult to make them yourself, as Brian from Brian’s Backpacking Blog points out.

You can make waterproof matches using shellac or (clear) nail polish. To do so, dip the top half of match (including the head) in the shellac and allow it to dry evenly.

Waterproofing matches
To allow your matches to dry properly, Brian suggests attaching a strip of double-sided tape to the edge of a surface and taping the matches on (see picture), allowing the dipped part of the match to hang and drip dry.

Brian also suggests that you can use beeswax or melted parafin as a substitute to shellac, although they don’t work as well.

Camping Classic – Waterproofing Matches – Brian’s Backpacking Blog

Photo credit: Brian’s Backpacking Blog

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