How to Find Great Travel Deals Using Twitter

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In case you haven’t heard of Twitter (and you’ve been living under a rock on Mars for the past two years), it’s a free social tool that allows you to ‘follow’ the Twitter profiles of others (whether they be individuals, companies or whatever).

By ‘following’ people on Twitter, you’ll instantly be able to view any messages they post (as they’ll appear on your Twitter feed).

This means that by ‘following’ the right people, your Twitter feed will be constantly updated with new travel deals for you to consider.

As many travel deals and special offers are only available for a limited period of time, in the past I’ve seen great deals advertised (either online, in magazines or newspapers, etc.) only to find that the deal has expired.

Because Twitter is instantaneous (i.e. the moment someone posts a message it is shown in your feed), you don’t have to worry about this happening.

To put it simply, these days, Twitter is one of the best places to find great travel deals on airfare, hotels, package holidays and all things travel related.

Okay, so Twitter is great for finding travel deals. I get it. How do I actually go about doing it though?

How to find great travel deals

Follow the Leaders

The key to finding great deals on Twitter largely comes down to following the right people (i.e. the people that will post deals for the places you want to go to).

On Twitter, some people/companies will post travel deals to specific locations (or for specific things – e.g. airfare), whereas others are more general and will offer travel deals to places all over the world.

If you’re not sure where you want to go, following the latter is a good idea.

I recommend following:

Follow Your Favorites

Did you stay in a gorgeous hotel last year that you’d love to go back to?

Do you have a favorite tour operator, travel discount website, airline, cruise comapny or hotel/hostel that you like?

Do a search to see if they’re on Twitter and follow them. Chances are they’ll offer special travel deals that you’ll only find through this network.

Pick a Destination

If you know where you want to go to, finding a great travel deal is a lot simpler.

On Twitter there are a lot of people you can follow who offer travel deals to (or relating to) particular locations/countries.

For example, let’s say I wanted to visit Italy. I typed in “Italy tourism” into Twitter’s search bar to see what accounts I should follow.

I found (and started following) ‘Turismo Italy’ (@Tourism_Italy).

I then typed in “Italy travel deals” and found ‘Italy Travel Deals’ (@Italy_Vacations) and ‘Italy Travel’ (@ItalyTravel) and followed both of them.

Because I was interested in visiting Turin, I started following several Turin-based hotels. This way, if any of them offer a special discount or travel deal within the next few months, I’ll be ready and waiting to pounce on it.

Act Quickly

Because Twitter is such a social tool, and because it can be used to send messages around the world in seconds, a lot of the best deals on Twitter will end up being ‘retweeted’ by others (meaning they’ll be seen by more people).

This means that a lot of these deals will sell out quickly, so be ready to hit the ‘buy’ button when a great deal comes up.

Be Flexible

Some deals posted on Twitter can be posted last-minute, or can be quite inflexible (meaning you have to travel at set dates).

Before booking anything, make sure you’ll be able to book the time off work (and that you have enough vacation days).

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