Revealed: The World’s Best Airline Food

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Since its inception, airline food has been the subject of ridicule, and has been a staple source of humor for stand-up comedians the world over.

It seems, however, that airlines are desperate to change these negative views of their food (by hiring top chefs to design their menus), and as a recent survey proved, some airline food is better than others.

The people at Skyscanner (a popular travel comparison website) have taken the time to conduct a survey to find the best airline food in the world.

They surveyed people flying on 19 of the world’s top international airlines from all around the world, and ranked their food (based on presentation and taste) by how well passengers taking their survey scored them.

Airline foodTop of the list was Turkish Airlines, who scored a grand total of 86%. One of the strong points of Turkish Airlines’ menu is that they offer several special options (such as vegetarian, children’s and Kosher meals).

Second place on the list was Singapore Airlines, who scored 81%. Their high ranking can surely be put down to the fact that they famously hired chef Gordon Ramsay to help them design their in-flight menu.

The top 10 were as follows:

  1. Turkish Airlines – 86%
  2. Singapore Airlines – 81%
  3. Etihad – 80%
  4. Aer Lingus – 78%
  5. Emirates – 77%
  6. Cathay Pacific – 75%
  7. KLM – 75%
  8. Qantas – 72%
  9. Aeroflot – 71%
  10. Air France – 70%

Mary Porter (Skyscanner’s resident food expert) spoke out about the survey:

“The stereotype of the barely edible inflight meal appears to be a thing of the past. In today’s highly competitive marketplace airlines have to stand out from one and another, ensure the passengers’ on board experience is a positive one and ultimately generate customer loyalty. In-flight meals are a key way of doing this and recent years have seen a huge investment in this area with many leading chefs being brought on board by airlines to help develop their offering.”

It seems that more and more airlines are starting to take airline food seriously, as British Airways have recently employed the services of highly-rated chef Heston Blumenthal, and given him the task of creating an Olympic-themed in-flight menu in preparation for the Olympic games.

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