How to Ensure the Seat Next to You if Empty When Flying

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Ever been on a plane journey and had a spare seat next to you?

Having that extra space to relax into and not having to play ‘armrest wars’ with the stranger next to you can make your flight a lot more comfortable.

When you’re booking a flight online, there’s a handy trick you can use to increase your chances of having an empty seat next to you when you fly.

The trick is to book a seat (using the online seat selector) either by the window or the aisle where the middle seat is empty (but the third seat is taken).

Lots of planes are set up so that they have three seats together, then the window or an aisle. Your goal is to ensure that two of the three outside seats are taken (but not the one in the middle).

This ‘middle seat’ will be extremely undesirable, and will usually be the last seat taken when booking. This means that if the flight isn’t full, it should (hopefully) be empty.

Plane interior
For example, let’s say the layout of the plane looks like this:


You would book ‘empty seat 2’ (and hope that no-one else books ‘empty seat 1’).

Alternatively, if the current layout of the plane when booking looked like this:


You would book ‘empty seat 1’ (and hope that no-one else books ‘empty seat 2’).

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  • Vi @ Travel Tips

    No matter what I usually take aisle seats especially on long haul flights because you have more space or at least you feel like you have more space for your legs.