New Website That Turns Your Friends’ Social Media Posts into a Personal Travel Guide

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Ever wished you could pool together all of your friends’ knowledge about travel and places they’ve been?

It seems that now you can…

Tripbirds is a new site that allows you to turn your friends’ Facebook, Instagram and FourSquare posts into a personalized guidebook to use when planning your trip.

Tripbirds works on the principles that what your friends like, you should like (or at the very least, you’ll value the opinion of your friend over the opinion of some stranger you don’t know).

When you’re planning a trip somewhere, you can enter in a destination (e.g. Edinburgh) and see which of your friends has geo-tagged posts there. From there you can see where they went (via Instagram), see what they had to say (via Facebook) and see their recommendations/ratings of places (via FourSquare).

Friends“The whole idea is to build it on as many sources as possible,” says Tripbirds CEO Ted Valentin. “Most geo-tagged social media apps are about what is happening here and right now and in that app, but we want to take all that data and put it in one place.”

The success of the site, it seems, will largely come down to whether users invite and encourage their friends to join or not. Tripbirds won’t show geo-tagged content from your friends’ profiles if they haven’t signed up yet (and given Tripbirds permission to display such content). This means you could have trouble using the site and getting any value out of it until a few of your friends have signed up.

Valentin seems to think that Tripbirds is one part of how the internet is changing:
“I sort of feel that the web is going through a social transformation. Increasingly, people want to get, instead of random information from people they don’t know, recommendations from people who they trust.”

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