How to Get a Free Rental Car Upgrade

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Anyone who’s ever hired a rental car will know how much the prices between different rental cars can differ.

Occasionally, rental car firms will give their customers a free upgrade to a better standard of car (for the same price as they were originally supposed to pay).

Why is this, and what if there was a way of increasing your chances of such an upgrade?

Travel website Budget Travel suggests that getting a free upgrade on a rental car is a lot easier and simpler than most people think, as it’s simply a case of booking the cheapest rental car available and hoping they run out.

Hertz officeWith many things, the cheapest rental cars are the most popular and often sell out first. If the rental car you’ve booked does sell out, the company will have no choice but to upgrade you to the next model up (or risk losing your business).

This is where you may need to stand firm, however:

“The check-in clerk may try to sell you an upgrade for a discounted fee. Say no. If they don’t have the car you reserved, they’ll usually give you a better model at no extra charge.”

To improve your chances even further, arrive to pick up your rental car in the morning (or as early as possible). As the day goes on, more and more people will return their rental cars, meaning the chances of them running out will drop.

Of course, this won’t work every time, it’s certainly worth a try!


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