Fodors’ Best Spring Getaways for Grown-Ups

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Spring breaks are not just for teenagers at college, as the Spring-time is a great time to take a vacation (and often much-needed after enduring the cold Winter months). (a popular travel website) recently released their list of ‘Top 5 Spring Break Getaways for Grown-ups’.

They divided their awards into five categories, which were ‘Best for Romance’, ‘Best for Adventure-Seekers’, ‘Best for Families’, ‘Best for All-inclusive Ease’ and ‘Best for Foodies (a.k.a. Food Lovers)’. With this list there’s sure to be something for everyone.

The winners were as follows:

  • Best for Romance  -  Morocco
  • Best for Adventure-Seekers  -  Belize
  • Best for Families  -  Los Angeles
  • Best for All-inclusive Ease  -  Cancun
  • Best for Foodies  -  Vancouver

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