What’s The Worst Place to Sit on a Plane?

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Ever wondered where the best (and worst) places to sit on a plane were?

According to Men’s Health magazine, when it comes to your health it seems that the window seat is the worst place to sit, as it’ll increase your odds of suffering from deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

So why is this? Cassie Shortsleeve (writer for Men’s Health magazine) explains:

“It’s not the physical location of the seat that’s putting you in danger—it’s that you’re less likely to get up when you’re plopped inside two strangers. No one wants to be that guy who goes to the bathroom five times.”

Sounds a little far-fetched perhaps, but Cassie continues:

“Studies have suggested it can increase risk two-fold.”

As you may know, DVT is caused by sitting still for long periods of time, as blood clots can form more easily in your legs. Getting up and walking around help to circulate blood around your body and prevent such clots from forming.

For more information on deep vein thrombosis, click here.

Source: Men’s Health

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