The Pros and Cons of Two Person Sleeping Bags

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Many couples, while camping, prefer to share the same sleeping bag.

This isn’t possible with regular sized sleeping bags (as they’re made to only fit one person in), so for occasions such as this, two person sleeping bags are the answer.

Two person sleeping bags (also known as ‘double sleeping bags’) are used by many couples and parents, as most styles are big enough to fit two people and a baby inside.

Who are 2 Person Sleeping Bags for?

Two person sleeping bags are perfect for couples who want to have their baby sleep alongside them while camping.

Two person sleeping bagIn addition to this, two person sleeping bags work very well because they allow you to stay warm through the combined body heat of both parties.

Some people have trouble falling asleep on cold nights out in the wilderness, whereas others have no problem with this. By combining body heats, ‘cold sleepers’ will be able to visit the Land of Nod more easily.

Some double sleeping bags are made in such a way that they can be unzipped and zipped back up into two separate single-person sleeping bags.

Two person sleeping bags can also be used to accommodate multiple children. For example, you should be able to fit three kids in one double sleeping bag. If you have six children, instead of buying six sleeping bags, you could just buy two doubles (saving you money and backpack space).

Lastly, some campers enjoy the space afforded to them in a two person sleeping bag, and choose to sleep in there by themselves. This is fine in warmer climates (where it’s not so important that you’re tightly wrapped up), but wouldn’t work so well in colder temperatures.

The Disadvantages of 2 Person Sleeping Bags

Although there are many advantages of using two person sleeping bags, there are also a few disadvantages to consider before buying such a sleeping bag.

First of all, single person sleeping bags are usually bought to fit the dimensions (i.e. height and width) of the person sleeping in them.

This is done so that the sleeping bag fits snuggly around you, in a bid to keep you as warm as possible (as there’s less space for cold air to enter).

Most couples are rarely the same size (height-wise), so with a two person sleeping bag there’s usually going to be a large gap somewhere (and therefore a ‘cold spot’).

This won’t be much of an issue if you’re camping in a fairly warm area, but in colder climates it most certainly will be.

To counter this, some manufacturers have increased the level of insulation used inside two person sleeping bags. While this is a fairly effective solution, it brings another problem into play: The weight of the sleeping bag.

By increasing the insulation inside a sleeping bag, you’re also increasing its weight. Some double sleeping bags can weight over 20 lbs, making them a real hassle to carry.

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