How to Get to (and From) the Airport on a Budget

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Getting to and from the airport can be a pain (and an expensive pain at that) if you don’t have someone to take you and pick you up.

Should you take a taxi? Should you drive there yourself and leave your car in the car park? What other options do you have?

If you’re a frequent traveler, the cost of traveling to the airport will start to add up considerably over time, so it’s worth knowing the cheapest and best ways of doing things.

Here are a few ideas and tips regarding getting to and from the airport on the cheap:

Research the Cheapest/Most Convenient Airport Parking Online

When looking at airport parking online, you may be surprised by how cheap it is to leave your car in some of the car parks.

Before you book anything, however, make to sure to find where the car park is (and more specifically, how far away from the airport it is).

Is it really worth saving a few dollars if it means parking 15 minutes away from the airport and having to catch a subsequent shuttle bus to the airport that only departs once every hour?

That being said, most major airports will have various options when it comes to parking – some cheaper (and closer to the airport) than others.

To compare them online, try searching on Google for “cheap airport parking [insert the city/airport]” and see what comes up.

As with most things, the cheapest way to book airport parking is usually online (or it’ll at least be as cheap as booking over the phone or in person).

Airport parking

Taking a Taxi

Taking a taxi to the airport is often a very expensive decision. Most local taxi firms will have fixed prices when it comes to airport drop-offs/pick-ups, which will typically be a lot more expensive then if they were to leave the meter running.

For example, I live a short 15 minute drive away from the local airport, yet to take a taxi there it costs me £26!

That being said, if you’re traveling to the airport with several other people, taking a taxi is a pretty good option, as you’ll be able to split the cost several ways and you’ll get driven right up to the door.

Shuttle Buses

Some airports (such as the McCarran airport in Las Vegas) offer a shuttle bus service that passengers can take from the airport to their hotel.

Shuttle buses will usually be located outside (near the taxi rank), and are well worth taking, as they’ll cost you a fraction of the price of a taxi.

The downside? You’ll often have to wait until the shuttle bus is full (or nearly full) before it sets off, so you could be waiting there for 30-45 minutes on occasion.

Then, once it’s left it’ll be a lot slower getting there, as it’ll have to stop at multiple destinations (because there are multiple passengers all wanting to go to different places).

Note also that unlike taxis (that charge a fixed rate regardless of the number of passengers), shuttle buses charge PER PERSON. If you’ve got a part of four people, it might well be cheaper to take a taxi then to get the shuttle bus.

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