Will Travel Apps Replace Travel Guides?

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If you have a smartphone or a tablet, chances are you’ve used various apps (or ‘applications’) before.

There are many travel-specific apps that are based around helping you certain places in unfamiliar areas (such as historic landmarks, museums and restaurants).

For years this has been the job of the guidebook (i.e. LonelyPlanet), but is the tide beginning to turn, and will people still use guidebooks in the future?

Tripso is a free travel guide app made for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and Android)

The main advantage of Triposo (and similar apps) as opposed to guide books is that they work in real-time and are constantly being updated (by “aggregating real-time data through various trusted resources – including Wikipedia, Wikitravel, Open Streetmaps and ChefMoz Dining Guide”).

iPhoneGuide books go out of date. Using a real-time app means you won’t turn up to a restaurant for dinner only to find it’s closed down.

A similar app is FourSquare, which allows you to look for restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs, pubs (and more) that are nearby. You can sort them by rating and then get directions on how to find them.

If you’re already carrying your smartphone around with you, these apps save you the effort of having to carry around a heavy guidebook.

It’s unlikely that travel apps will replace guidebooks completely, as not everyone has a smartphone/tablet, and because people might not want to take their expensive smartphone with them when they’re traveling, but they’ll certainly make things easier for travelers and help them find what they’re looking for with relative ease.

Travel apps have brought the world one step closer together, as users can rate, review and provide up-to-date information on places for others to benefit from.

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