TripAdvisor Set to Remove Rating System Due to Criticism

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The popular travel-related website TripAdvisor is set to scrap their controversial new ‘ratings’ system.

This ratings system allowed users to rate hotels, restaurants and attractions with a mark out of 5 without having to write any kind of a formal review (meaning they weren’t required to justify their decision).

Chris Emmins of KwikChex (an ‘online reputation management company’) reported that hundreds of different online businesses had complained about TripAdvisor’s rating system, as it could be easily gamed and influenced.

Emmins also had this to say: “It seems astonishing that at a time when there is rising concern about deception and malice on the web and a growing desire for greater reliability and an end to anonymous bullying, that TripAdvisor should apparently introduce the least diligent system yet and produce greater levels of mistrust and

TripAdvisorTo top it off, the Advertising Standards Authority declared that TripAdvisor’s reviews can no-longer all be seen as real and genuine.

In light of these events (and this wave of complaints), a spokesperson at TripAdvisor announced that this ratings feature had only been “in development”, and that it would be removed instantly.

TripAdvisor also hasted to add that during this ‘testing phase’, the ‘star ratings’ did not have any impact on the so-called “Popularity Index” of the site, meaning that there were no permanent effects of this testing stage.

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