Where to Travel to for Winter Sun?

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Winter can be a cold, harsh time in some counties, so if you’re lucky enough to get away you might want to consider heading somewhere sunny (i.e. for some ‘Winter sun’).

Nick Trend of The Telegraph newspaper has some interesting thoughts on this: “The unrest in Egypt, the attacks on tourists on the Kenyan coast and, most recently, the disturbances in the Maldives have cast a shadow over some of the most popular winter-sun destinations”.

While you can still travel to certain areas of these countries, many people will naturally be put off the idea. So what are your other options?

Nick recommends these 10 places:

  • The Canary Islands (Fuerteventura and Tenerife in particular)
  • Cape Verde
  • Goa, India
  • Florida, USA
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Gambia
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Sri Lanka

During the Winter in Europe and Northern America, countries in the Southern Hemisphere will be experiencing their Summer, which is why many of the destinations on this list are sub-equatorial.

The Canary Islands are great to visit any time of year (thanks to the great weather they’re blessed with). Cape Verde and Gambia are less-developed, warmer alternatives to the Canaries.

Goa (in India) is a long way to fly to for most people, but it’s extremely cheap once you get there. Dubai is similar, and both enjoy blisteringly hot and sunny weather.

Thailand is slowly becoming an established holiday destination for Westerners, as it offers great value and lots of things to see and do. The surrounding countries (such as Singapore and Malaysia) are also well worth visiting, so it’s a great place to go if you want to do a bit of exploring.

Sri Lanka is another alternative to perhaps consider, as it’s known to many as “the best-value holiday island in the Indian Ocean” (despite not being as cheap as it once was).

Source: TheTelegraph.co.uk.

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