The Best Apps for Planning a Ski Holiday

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Thinking about going on a skiing or snowboarding holiday?

There are now a number of great apps out there to help you plan such a holiday.

Donald Strachan, a specialist in new media and technology recently said: “There’s a tailor-made app for just about every stage of the process, from booking accommodation and checking the weather, to mapping your resort and even improving your mogul skiing.”

Skiing Tutorials

If you want to brush up on your piste technique (but don’t want to pay for an expensive ski instructor), check out the Ski School app (for iPhone & iPad).

This app contains video tutorials showing you proper technique, and has a neat feature that allows you to view yourself on a split screen next to an instructor (allowing you to compare yourself directly against the example).

There are 3 versions of this app (basic, intermediate and advanced) depending on your skill level, each available for £2.99.

Booking Accommodation

When it comes to booking your skiing holiday, the Ski Pad app if very useful (and also free!) and is available on the iPhone and iPad.

This app allows you to search through various slopeside accommodation (i.e. chalets) by seeing them on a map. Once you’ve found somewhere you like, you can book your stay there through the app.

Checking Skiing Conditions

If you want to check the skiing conditions of an area (or a resort) before you book your trip (so you don’t end up going to a place where there’s no snow) you can do so through using the On The Snow app (free for iPhone and Android).

This app can alert you whenever there is fresh snowfall in one of the selected resorts you’ve chosen to follow.

If you’ve already booked your trip, you’ll probably find that the resort you’re staying at has its very own app for updating you on forecasts and skiing conditions (as most do these days). These apps are great, and are generally more up-to-date and accurate than apps that report on multiple resorts.

On a side note, some resort-specific apps also contain handy trail maps that can help you plot your way down the piste.

Mapping Your Route

Ski Tracks appSome resorts supply their own mapping apps for free, but if yours doesn’t, check out iTrailMaps (free for iPhone).

This app contains downloadable maps for over 750 different ski resorts. The fact that they’re downloadable means you won’t have to keep your roaming switched on and incur a huge phone bill. Handy!

Ski Tracks (available on the iPhone for $1) allows you to track your route down the mountain and many related stats (such as how far you skied, your max speed, your average speed, and more).

Restaurant/Café Reviews

After a long day skiing, you’ll undoubtedly have worked up an appetite or a thirst for an evening drink. Hg2’s iPhone app (available for £11.99) will provide you with up-to-date reviews on restaurants, cafés bars and nightclubs in 41 of the world’s top skiing destinations.

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