Around the World in 80 Scams: The App That Protects You

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Every year, all around the world, thousands of travelers get scammed.

Whether they fall victim to pick-pockets, thieving taxi drivers or con artists in the street, being scammed is never a pleasant experience.

Fortunately, in most places around the world there are a few different scams going on at any one time. If you know them (and what to look out for), they can usually be avoided.

So what if there was an app that could tell you the major tourist scams taking place in each country/region…

“Around the World in 80 Scams is a rough guide with a difference. Rather than focus on unmissable sights, the best places to dine or beaches to explore, this app looks at the things you should avoid while abroad. The app was written by lifelong traveller Peter John, who, after being scammed time and again while abroad, thought it would be worthwhile compiling them all into one handy guide.” says Ben Pusey, self proclaimed “tech-head” of

“The app is split into ten main sections, each covering a different type of scam; from hotels and other accommodation to begging and street hustling scams. There is also a section providing advice on how to avoid being scammed while abroad”.

Scams app

This app is available for £1.99 on Apple’s App Store, and could prove to be very useful for anyone traveling the world.

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