Facebook Launches New Travel App

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When Facebook launched their ‘Timeline’ at the end of 2011, it seemed like they were trying to allow people to document their actions (i.e. photos, message, status updates) throughout their life.

Wipolo is a new travel app designed for Facebook, that uses Facebook’s social elements to “allow people to discover and explore amazing new destinations around the world through – and with – their friends”.

So what makes Wipolo different to other travel apps? Wipolo is a 100% social travel app that works in conjunction with your friends/other users. BreakingTravelNews.com reports:

Just like a Facebook profile, Wipolo gives you access to your own “travel dashboard”. Members can view and access upcoming trips, consult the most visited cities and find their favorite travel buddies.

One of the app’s many strengths is that it allows users to discover new destinations through informative videos. Click on a “video” button, on Facebook, and it automatically launches a presentation of the chosen destination on Wipolo’s platform.

On top of geographical and historical facts, users can find friends who have valuable tips to share or who would make fun travel buddies. Wipolo travelers can now discover destinations all over the world in one click!

Sounds pretty interesting! Whether it’ll take off and become popular or not is a different matter, however.

Source: BreakingTravelNews.com

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