Jobs Abroad for College Graduates

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More young people than ever are traveling abroad before college/university or for a semester as part of their course.

Upon doing so, many people will often develop a taste and a hunger for traveling, and will be inspired to find a job abroad after they graduate.

If you want to live and work abroad and you speak the local language, you shouldn’t have too many problems finding a job.

If, however, you want to live and work abroad in a country where you don’t speak the local language fluently than your options are going to be limited somewhat (although finding a job abroad is still perfectly feasible).

Although having a college degree will give you a certain edge over most other people, finding jobs abroad for college graduates can sometimes involve thinking outside of the box a little bit (especially if your degree isn’t related to what you want to do abroad).

Get Yourself TEFL Certified

One of the easiest jobs abroad for college graduates to get is that of an English teacher. Many countries in Asia and Eastern Europe (where English isn’t their first language) are eager to employ English teachers to teach the locals.

To get a job teaching English, however, you’ll first need to get a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

This certification is recognized all over the world as the standard training for teaching English abroad.

For more information on getting TEFL certification and teaching English abroad, check out this article: Overseas Teaching Jobs – A Definitive Guide Teaching English Abroad.

College graduates

Using Your Degree Abroad

If you don’t fancy teaching English abroad (or you can’t get a TEFL certificate for whatever reason), you can always use your college/university degree (along with a well-written resume) to open up doors.

Simply by having a degree you’re increasing your chances of being taken seriously by overseas employers.

If your degree is in any way related to languages or education, you should have no problems finding work in a school.

If you’re planning on working abroad in an English-speaking country (such as the USA, Australia or the UK), as a college graduate the list of jobs available to you will be extremely large (particularly if you’re planning on moving overseas permanently).

Becoming a Volunteer in an Ecovillage

If you want to travel the world and do something a little bit different, why not try working in one of the 1,500 Ecovillages worldwide?

The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) is responsible for all of these villages, and they’re constantly in need of new volunteers to take care of the crops/gardens, build shelters and more.

Typically (as you’ll be working as a volunteer) your accommodation and food will be supplied in return for your work

You won’t earn a lot of money through working in an Ecovillage, but that’s not really the point, as you’ll be doing things and working in areas that most people can only dream of.

You won’t necessarily become rich in terms of money, but you’ll learn all about the world, make great friends and help out people who genuinely need it.

Why is this good for college graduates? It looks great on your resume/CV, and if your degree is in any way related to the jobs on offer you’ll stand a much greater chance of being accepted.

For more information about living and working abroad check out as well as this article: 10 Amazing Travel Jobs (and How to Get Them).

When looking for a job abroad, remember that it might take a little persistence and patience (as finding jobs at home does).

That being said, as the world becomes smaller (due to globalization and increased/cheaper transport) jobs abroad for college graduates are becoming easier and easier to find.

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