The Best Fuel Calculator for a Trip

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Need a fuel calculator for a trip? Look no further.

Taking a road trip with a few friends is one of the best ways of traveling, but with rising gas prices that vary all over the world (and from state to state) it can be difficult to know how much to budget for gas.

The good people over at have come up with a pretty effective fuel calculator that allows you to gauge how much you’ll spend on fuel based on where you’re going and what vehicle you’re driving. To use it, click here.

The great thing about is that they supply up-to-date fuel prices, meaning they can accurately predict costs.

Fuel calculatorAlternatively, if your road trip is taking place solely within the USA, check out

When using a fuel calculator for a trip, it’s still a good idea to budget a little extra (no matter how accurate the calculator is) as you may want to take a detour somewhere along the way.

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