Creativity: Mixing Things Up & Keeping Long-Term Travel Interesting

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If you’ve been traveling for a good amount of time you may find yourself falling into a familiar set of routines.

Certain activities (such as eating, sleeping, wandering around, reading and surfing the internet) will become regular fixtures of each day.

While there’s nothing wrong with having routines (as they will make your day more efficient), when everything becomes a little too familiar you may find that days (and destinations) begin to blur together.

This is generally a sign that you need to start mixing things up (before you become jaded and lose interest in traveling) and employing a little creativity.

Mixing it Up

So how do you go about ‘mixing things up’? This all depends on how you’ve been traveling up to that point.

For example:

  • If you’ve been spending most of your time in the big cities, why try visiting the countryside?
  • If you’ve been living on a shoestring budget, why not splash out on a night of luxury in a fancy hotel room?
  • If you’ve taken it easy, why not try doing some recreational activities (such as snorkeling, rock climbing, kayaking, bungee jumping or sky diving)?
  • If you’ve regimented your travel time/activities, why not spend some time wondering around with no particular goal in mind?
  • If you’ve been traveling solo, why not seek out a few travel companions to accompany you or join an organized tour?
  • If you’ve been traveling everywhere by bus or plane, why not get creative with different types of transportation? Why not try traveling in a rental a car, on a motorbike, a bicycle, a camel or a boat? All of these things can be bought or rented for a modest price depending on where you are in the world.
  • If you’ve been rushing through each place, spending no more than a few days in any one area, why not settle down in one spot for a while?

Train tracks

Settling Down

Just because you’re ‘traveling’ doesn’t mean you have to be perpetually in motion.

Once you’ve found somewhere that you like, settling down there for a few weeks (or even a few months) will enable you to experience it in ways you’d never normally be able to if you were simply rushing through in a few short days.

“What does thou think then of seeing the world? Do ye wish to go round Cape Horn to see any more of it, eh? Can’t ye see the world where you stand?” – Captain Peleg, from the book ‘Moby Dick’.

Your reasons for settling down somewhere can be various and even arbitrary. You might want to slow down, rest up from a bout of illness, catch up on some reading (or sunbathing), meet up with friends, enjoy the town’s club scene, indulge and develop your hobbies (such as cooking or painting) or find a temporary job.

You might find yourself wondering around in an attempt to understand the inner workings of the place you’re staying in. Doing so can often result in you meeting lots of local people and making local friends. You might get invited to join in with their activities (such as football matches down the park) and you’ll be able to learn about their culture from a fresh perspective.


Another way to mix things up and keep things interesting during long-term travel is to find a job.

Most travel jobs won’t pay well (although you should be able to make enough to break even), but that’s not really the point, as these jobs will allow you allow you to meet new people and having interesting experiences.

Popular travel jobs include:

  • Teaching English as a foreign language.
  • Working on a farm (e.g. fruit picking in France).
  • Working in hostel or holiday resort.

For more information on working while you travel, check out this page.

If you’re not too bothered about making money but want to do some kind of work, you might want to consider volunteering.

Volunteering projects can be extremely interesting and exciting (if hard work at times). For example, you might be building houses in South America, helping out research scientists in the Amazon Rainforest or teaching locals how to use computers in Africa.

For more information on volunteering overseas, check out this page.

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