The 10 Best (and Worst) Airport Terminals in the World

Posted by No Comment recently compiled two very interesting lists on their website: The 10 best airport terminals in the world and the 10 worst airport terminals in the world.

Frommers based their ratings on “cleanliness, services, on-time departures, navigation, and ease of travel to and from a city’s center”.

Frommers lists the 10 best airport terminals in the world as:

  1. Jeddah Hajj Terminal (Saudi Arabia)
  2. Keflavik Leifur Eriksson Air Terminal (Iceland)
  3. Seoul Incheon Airport (South Korea)
  4. Wellington “Rock” Terminal (New Zealand)
  5. New York JFK Airport Terminal 5 (USA)
  6. Singapore Changi International Airport Terminal 3 (Singapore)
  7. Marrakech Menara Airport Terminal 1 (Morocco)
  8. Madrid Barajas Terminal 4 (Spain)
  9. Montevideo Carrasco International Airport (Uruguay)
  10. Bilbao Airport Main Terminal (Spain)

Interestingly, the airport terminal listed top of this list (the Hajj Terminal at King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) is only open during the six-week Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. During this time this terminal sees a lot of traffic, however, as every Muslim is traditionally supposed to must travel to Mecca at least once during their lifetime.

Frommers also lists the 10 worst airport terminals in the world as:

  1. New York JFK Airport Terminal 3 (USA)
  2. Manila Airport Terminal 1 (Philippines)
  3. Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Terminal B/C (Russia)
  4. Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (Kenya)
  5. Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport, Terminal 3 (France)
  6. Amman Queen Alia Airport (Jordan)
  7. New York LaGuardia Airport Terminal 5 (USA)
  8. Terminal B at Newark Liberty International Airport (USA)
  9. Paris’ Beauvais Airport (France)
  10. Chicago Midway Airport (USA)

Interesting that 4 of the 10 here are located in the USA!


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