7 Reasons to Travel by Train

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Before airplanes and motorcars were put into mass production and use, traveling by train was THE way to get around the country.

It seems, however, that with the recent economic slump train travel is making a comeback (according to Amtrak reports).

There are many reasons for taking the train as opposed to flying. Let’s take a look:

1. They’re Cheaper

Although it is still possible to find some low-budget short-haul flights (especially in Europe), most of the time it’s far cheaper to travel by train than by plane (especially in the Northeast Corridor of the USA where train service is excellent).

Although traveling by train will undoubtedly take longer (especially on long journeys), if you’re looking to cut costs than there really is no comparison.

In addition to this, you can often get discounts on most train services if you’re a child, a student, a senior or in the military.

Sunset Train ride

2. You Can Take More Luggage

As more and more airlines charge you for taking checked luggage on flights (and one airline even charging you to take carry on), most train services around the world have little-to-no restrictions on what you can bring on board a train (as long as you can fit it on the train!), and they’ll never charge you extra for your luggage.

3. No Long Lines and Security Checks

Yes, flying is a lot quicker than taking the train, but can you just roll up to an airport and jump on the plane right away?

When flying it’s recommended you get to the airport AT LEAST two hours before your flight is scheduled to leave. From there you have to wait in a long line to check in your luggage before going through a rigorous security process.

4. Fixed Fees

While you will have to reserve a seat on most long train journeys, there’s nothing to stop you buying one at the train station (providing there is space on the train) for the regular price.

While you can buy plane tickets at any time, you’re taking the risk of being charged over-the-odds for them if you don’t book way in advance, as the price of plane tickets fluctuates massively depending on when you book.

5. Door-to-Door Convenience

Most airports are located slightly out-of-town (as you can’t have planes flying near large skyscrapers), meaning even when you land there’s a secondary journey you’ll need to take to get into the city.

Unlike airports, most trains will ride right into the center of the city, meaning they can save you a lot of money on an expensive cab ride or a rental car.

Train by the mountains

6. A More Comfortable and Relaxing Experience

Unless you’re flying first class or business class, traveling by train is probably going to be a lot more comfortable and relaxing than flying.

You’ll have more legroom and more space to walk about in whenever you like (not just when the ‘seatbelt’ sign is turned off).

Although the views when taking off and landing on a plane (if you’re got a window seat) can be pretty spectacular, for the most part you’ll just be above the clouds where you can’t see anything. A great train journey (such traveling down the Hoi Van Pass in Vietnam) can provide you with panoramic views of spectacular scenery.

7. Trains are Eco-Friendly

Behind cycling or walking, trains are the most eco-friendly way of traveling.

Planes produce an obscene amount of carbon emissions that damage the environment. Trains produce only a fraction of these.

A side benefit of trains being energy-efficient is that an increase in global fuel prices shouldn’t have a massive effect on ticket prices.

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