Cheap Student Travel – How to Do It

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Anyone who’s ever been a student will tell you what a drain it can be on your finances.

Because you’ll be spending most of your time in lessons at school/college/university or at home studying (if you want to do well), maintaining even a part-time job can be extremely difficult.

One of the great things about being a student, however, is that you’re eligible for all sorts of travel discounts, and providing you know where to find them they can lead to great savings.

The most common kinds of student discounts apply to airfare, accommodation, public transport (buses and trains), local attractions (such as museums and art galleries) and restaurants.

Saying that, if you look hard enough you can find discounts on almost anything travel-related.

Note that these kinds of offers are typically open to part or full-time students of any age.

Use Travel Resources

Cheap student travelThere are several websites dedicated specifically to cheap student travel (such as STA Travel, Student Universe and EF College Break).

These websites offer discounts exclusively to student bookings, and allow you to book your entire trip through them (if you see fit to).

As well as using these online websites, if you attend a college/university it’s worth checking if your campus has an on-site student travel company (possibly STA Travel), as they can help you to plan and book your trip in person.

Get Yourself a Student Card

Getting a student card will allow you discounts to all kinds of places (such as museums and shops) and is one of the things that makes cheap student travel possible.

While many countries have their own student card, the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is recognized all over the world, and is the one that every student traveler should have.

To apply for this card, you must be over the age of 12 and currently enrolled in some level of school. This means that even an adult can get one, as long as they’re enrolled in some kind of full-time education.

Note that the ISIC is not free (it costs just over $20), but if you’re going to be using it even a few times it’ll more than pay for itself.

Note also that the ISIC is valid for 16 months, so it must be renewed after this point.

Stay in Youth Hostels

Cheap student travel is not just about getting discounts on things, it’s also about seeking out cheapest ways of doing things.

Youth hostels are perfect for traveling students, as not only are they extremely cheap to stay in (compared to the price of a standard 3 star hotel), they’re also filled with other young people/students looking to party.

If you’re planning on traveling around lots of major cities and staying in lots of different hostels, it’s probably worth gettign a ‘Hosteling International’ (HI) membership.

Being a member Hosteling International allows you access to any one of their 4,000+ youth hostels (spread over 90 countries) around the world.

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