Travel Hair Straighteners

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In an age where more and more people are going traveling and where hair straighteners are used by a large percentage of people, it seems there is a need for portable hair straighteners that one can take traveling with them.

Thankfully, travel hair straighteners already exist, and on this page we’ll be detailing everything you need to know about them and what to look for when buying.

Features to Look for When Buying Travel Hair Straighteners

Buying travel hair straighteners is different from buying hair straighteners for the home, as there are a few factors you need to think about.

For example, when buying ‘regular’ hair straighteners (that you’ll use at home) you’ll be looking at how reliable they are, how well they straighten hair and how much they cost.

On the other hand, when buying travel hair straighteners you’ll primarily be looking at how they’re powered (and whether they can work on dual voltages or not) and how compact/portable they are.

Hair Straightener CollectionWhenever you’re buying something to take traveling (in this case being hair straighteners) the first thing you need to consider is the size of the item.

As you’ll be carrying it around in your backpack/bag for potentially months on end, it’s best to get something that won’t take up too much room and that’s also fairly light.

Many hair styling companies have released their own versions of mini hair straighteners; specifically designed for travelers or people on the go.

As well as making sure your hair straighteners are compact enough to fit in your bag, you’ll also need to think about how you’re going to power them abroad.

Because hair straighteners are an electrical item, and because different countries/regions around the world run on different voltages (and have different shaped plug sockets), this can be a problem.

If you know that the countries you’re traveling to run on the same voltage as your home country, you’re in luck, since you’ll be able to plug your straighteners straight in to the wall (providing you have a plug adaptor, of course).

Mini hair straightenersTo find out which countries work on which currents, and to find out what kind of plug you’ll need, check out this post on using electrical items abroad.

If you find that the countries you’re visiting run on a different voltage, however, you’ll have to come up with another solution.

Buying a set of dual voltage hair straighteners (i.e. straighteners that work on both 110 volt and 220 volt systems) can solve this problem.

Buy what if you won’t have regular access to an electrical outlet? Another option is to buy a pair of gas powered hair straighteners (commonly referred to as gas hair straighteners).

These are powered by small gas cartridges (usually Butane gas) and can be used anywhere.

Just remember that you typically aren’t allowed to carry spare butane cartridges in your hand luggage, so make sure to pack them in your checked bags.

If you’re driving through a country, another option is to get a special adapter that allows you to plug your hair straighteners into the car’s cigarette lighter. This allows you to charge/power your hair straighteners through your car’s battery.

By following this advice you should never have a problem straightening your hair on foreign soil. Remember, however, that travel hair straighteners will rarely do as good a job as your high-powered GHD’s back home, but they’re lot better than nothing!

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