The Top 5 Travel Apps of 2011

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Using travel apps to help you with various things seems to be the way of the future for most high-tech travlers.

In light of this, let’s take a look at the top 5 travel apps released in 2011 (according to Allison Davis of

How many of these have you used?

The 5 apps are:

  1. Flysmart – For “navigating labyrinth-like airports in a hurry”.
  2. Hipmunk Flight Search - For helping you find the cheapest flights.
  3. TourWrist – Explore the world in a 360 degree view. Great for inspiration and for checking out possible holiday locations.
  4. Matchbook – Allows you to remember your favourite spots and ‘tag’ them with keywords (e.g.  ”Best burger” or “Great DJ”).
  5. SitOrSquat Bathroom Finder – For finding a bathroom in unfamiliar places.

Source: Fodors.

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