What is the Best Time of Year to Visit Thailand?

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Looking for the best time of year to visit Thailand? Whenever you decide to go traveling or on holiday, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re arriving at your destination at a time which is right for you (e.g. good weather, minimal crowds, lots going on, etc).

Unlike most countries that have four distinct seasons, Thailand only has 3 distinct seasons – summer, winter and the rainy season. That being said, the southern part of the country isn’t really affected by the winter and is pretty warm all year round.

In Thailand, the summer is from the second half of February to April, the rainy season is from May to October and winter is from November to the first half of February.

Thailand boatsIn addition to this, Thailand’s position on the globe is such that the number of daylight hours varies little throughout the year (unlike most countries where it gets dark early in the winter and stays light longer in the summer).

The best time of year to visit Thailand (climate-wise) is between November and March. Why? Because it rains the least during this time, is still warm (except in the far south) yet is not uncomfortably hot.

If you are exploring the whole of Thailand, it is best to travel around the north and central areas between November – March, and then to the south during April – June when the north becomes swelteringly hot.

Thailand mapIf you’re planning on only going to Bangkok (the capital), try to go there any month except April or October. In April it is a little too hot for comfort, and during October there are often floods.

The peak tourism months are July, August, November, December, January, February and March.

If you’re looking to avoid mass crowds of tourists and take advantage of discounted accommodation prices (because of the lack of business), the best time to visit Thailand is in April, May, June, September or October.

In summary, although there are technically 3 different seasons in Thailand, the extremes between them are very little. Most people would suggest that you avoid the rainy season (which is between July and October), but even if you don’t the rain only comes in fits and bursts and can actually be quite refreshing.

During my time in South-East Asia I was in Thailand in July and again in September I found the weather to be pleasantly warm (shorts and vest weather) and never had real any problems with the rain.

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